Monday, May 24, 2010

Our research on the visually impaired

A day out at North Point shows how user-friendly it is - to the visually impaired. We have found out a few factors why this place is user - friendly for the visually impaired, or not.

Feelings of one who is visually impaired:






Challenges of one who is visually impaired:

Don't have enough seats for elderly to sit down.

Lift buttons have no Braille symbols for the blind.

The shops are randomly assigned to different floors.

Signs are not very accurate with the colours of the signs contrasting each other.

Things that are bad for the visually impaired:

The arrows that are pointing to specific locations cannot be seen clearly by the visually impaired because they are very small.

The food court is located at the bottom level and the elderly will find it hard to find.

Difficulty of moving around.

Things which can be improved:

The signs could be improved.

The shops could be relocated and make the shopping centre more tidy


North point has to make amendments to make it more user-friendly to the visually impaired.
Other shopping centres should also do so.